A Guide to Good Gifting

A guide to good gifting will help you to create a gift that will excite and delight your recipient. Creating a great gift depends on a few key things, foremost of which is the person the gift is intended, knowing the recipient’s likes and dislikes is a vital part of the gift giving process and should be the central to gift creation. When in doubt try to satisfy these 3 touch points; Something to drink, something to eat & something to keep.

A gift of Drinking

Drinking is a necessary part of life. Sharing a drink, whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, is deeply rooted in social activities.

In additional to socializing, Beverages have become common in the world of gifting; given the variety, it is easy to find something to give anyone for almost any occasion.

Allow us at Giftboxx to put in the extra work to make your gift extra special!

Gift a bottle, alcoholic or non-alcoholic it doesn’t matter, your recipient will think of you fondly with each sip.

A gift of Eating

Eating, like drinking is wired into our DNA, and evokes very strong emotional ties to the act of ingesting food.

In fact eating is not just about survival it is a cultural and social activity that strengthens the bonds between family, friends and lovers. Food has a way of connecting with our senses, it is able to calm our emotions while creating fond and meaningful memories.

It is for these reasons we celebrate occasions and accomplishments with the simple a tradition of sharing a meal (going out to lunch/dinner) or gifting someone their favourite foods.

We know food makes people happy, so allow Giftboxx to help you spread that joy!

Each bite, each swallow stimulates the pleasure center of the brain and associate that pleasure with the provider of the food (gift).

A Gift to Keep

Human beings mark their passage through life with keepsakes, we treasure the things that are tangible and meaningful to us. A keepsake gift acts as a punctuation for a special moment and ties you to that memory in the life of your recipient.

Seeing or handling this keepsake often serves to unlock the memories associated with the gift which is irrevocably tied to the giver. A keepsake can be anything from jewelry to a special piece of rock! and is usually the linchpin for reminiscing or creating a story.

Of course randomly selecting food, drink or trinkets is not enough to make a truly spectacular gift. The thought does in fact counts.

Take the time to think of your recipient’s likes and preferences. – Don’t give alcohol to someone who doesn’t drink alcohol or nuts to someone who is allergic – take your time and think about who your gift is for and create a truly personal gift that can be enjoyed even after the gift itself is gone.

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