Buy a gift in Jamaica

Buying a gift for mom this mothers day in Jamaica has gotten really easy. In the past to buy a gift in Jamaica has been a most arduous task especially if you are living outside of Jamaica.

This tedious task typically involved sending money to a friend/family member, who would then go and search for a gift, after a lot of back and forth they would buy the gift and self package, then finally delivering to the intended recipient. Not only was this time consuming, but it puts a lot of hassle into something that should be a simply task, purchasing a gift.

Enter Giftboxx, our focus is on make gifting a fun, hassle free and trusted experience.

Gifting to someone in Jamaica is as simple as:

Visiting our custom gift creator Where you select the color of your GiftBoxx. You have a choice of our classic white or our luxurious black box, we have more exciting colors coming to you in the future.

Once you have selected your GiftBoxx the next step is to select from our catalog of over 100 gift items. You can filter your choices, by category, by recipient or by price. Additional sort options include, by newness, by popularity, by price low to high or by price high to low. Add a minimum of 3 gift items up to a maximum of 6 to your GiftBoxx, contact us if you need to add more.

Checkout is also simple, you may pay with your credit card or any Visa debit card. You also have the option to pay by direct bank deposit. (Note your gift will not be processed until your deposit has been cleared in our bank account). You may also customize the interior color of your GiftBoxx (box filler), and write a personal message to your recipient that will be printed on the accompanying card.

Let us know where in Jamaica you would like your gift delivered, sit back and we will handle the rest. Once your gift is delivered you will be notified via email.

GiftBoxx is just as easy to use for persons who want to send a hint as to what they would like for their gifts.

Just create a wish-list and add the gift items you fancy from our catalog to your wish-list. Once you have created your ideal gift, just share it with the persons you want to purchase the gift for you. You can create as many different wish-lists as you like and share them via social media or via email.

The task of buying a gift for someone in Jamaica is now easy. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us by phone 876.894.6927 (tel:8768946927) or via email @ or by speaking with our gift concierge on our website with our live chat feature.

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